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2006 Race weekend river flows
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Here are the online charts from this weekend flows.  We were a bit concerned as the week progressed.  Dam maintenance was scheduled to be completed on Tuesday the 18th.  Tuesday came and went and still no water.  Finally on Thursday evening the water came back on.  From that point on PG&E was right on the money and delivered the water flows we requested for the race weekend.  We requested 1000 cfs from PG&E.  Looking at the inflows to the downstream reservoir looks like it might have been a bit light.  It was about 200 cfs during course setup on Friday morning and then running around 700+ cfs Friday afternoon and all day Saturday and Sunday.  The water was up to race levels each day by the time we were ready to get on the course.  It takes about 30 minutes for the water to travel from the Electra power house to the race course.
Pardee Inflow
Pardee Inflow

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